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i'll second it >> all right. motion been made and continue 11 to 16 city attorney are we in order all in favor, say i. >> all right. folks we're on 17 this is new business this will be the last item of the night. this is a quick up to this point to go through commissioners or directors talk about the tack a ways. who wants to start. >> well, a couple of rammed items the director's report there was a mention there the america's cup all the steps the people plan and the transportation plan how well, it worked. we've been talking about things
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in the future to deal with the super bowl and i want to make sure we have a postmortem to benefit future projects. also i heard discussion from the resident here l about problems they face. i think that commissioner king talked about things we can do i'd like to stretch this to see if we can't get accountability from other develops to address needs we've heard about today. future agenda items >> i think this is a great. i remember when we proposed it we want to do a road show i
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think this is very successful. i think that there are a number of items that i take away indefinitely we need to really think about how we engage multiple family housing with renewable energy stuff. as the folks in the court said we have a number of that housing when it gets r5789d they get those huge tax loans can be ramgdz and much of the affordable housing open hunters point hill hazed begun thorough those renovation so definitely we have to think about how we crack most of the stuff we deal
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with is houses but we haven't figured out how to deal with multiple housing yet. and i think this is really the best ways to a learn by reaching anti them in the community. i hope we can reach out to other folks and have more meetings outside of city hall. it's fairly mulch to learn a lot of parpz and i hope to continue to partner >> just two items i wanted to thank the viral staff who helped to plan this is set up it takes a lot of energy to do this
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outside of city hall thank you to geronimo. i want to say this as part of the commissioners report new business the san francisco climate action strategy is complete it's hot off the presses. yes. role role huge congratulations to the staff (calling names) many other staff but this is going to be something i assume will be agenda listed either at full commission but it's hot off the presses how to do everything critiquing creating jobs and becoming for resilient and leading the way through the
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future. congratulations to staff it's here (clapping) >> thanks everyone we're just really happy to be here and learn worrying to take away a lot you're our combroirgs if we can think about the policies we prop but if it's not resonating with you the folks on the group particularly the people here have born one hundred years of pollution the viral health hazards of what happens in bayview hunter point.
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you're our intermission i feel like we've connected. i think the public too there's a lot of things we are going to take away going forward pr like i said if we're not making the connection what are people thinking and people's reactions to this. we've seen a lot of positive it and there's this idea of land use and touching on avail risks associated with some of the development. we did some looking at this dr. jackson has been open this for years. we're barred by the charter in going two far you, you folks want to change that? there's so far we can go we're going to go as far as we can
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we're going to be back and this is a first. it's not the first ever but the first in awhile and we want to go around to neighborhoods and we'll be back. thank you, everyone. i don't know if clark got a shout out >> give him another one. >> and everybody doing everything. did we thank federal reserve the amazing staff >> anybody here from viral please stand and, of course, donny and his new little one. oh, public comment on this
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seeing no public comment if you can call the last item >> the comments the members of the public may address those items not on the agenda. >> security services is shown in table one and that's on page four of our report and we report our office reviewed the weekly expenditure estimates by hsa and find that the estimates combined with the proposed contingency funding should pride sufficient contractual contract to pay for this amount and provide a contingency in the amount of 113,440 and result in the asking increase in the contract or
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authorization through january 31, 2013. we recommend that you do approve this resolution. >> okay. thank you very much mr. rose. any questions? okay. much appreciated. we will open up item one to public comment. anyone wish to comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. >> so i would like to move the recommendation. >> okay. we have a recommendation and we can take that without opposition. >> thank you. >> mr. clerk can you please call item two. >> item two a resolution urging the restart of greenfinancesf and supporting the mayor, the department of the environment and the office of public finance to enable city residents to finance the energy and renewal capital improvement improvement and take other action necessary thereof. >> thank you mr. clerk. this item colleagues is a resolution i introduced and sponsored with the mayor with the
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revitaltation of greenfinancesf and that we support the office of the department and to take the appropriate steps to get greenfinancesf up and running. i want to thank all my cosponsors for their cosponsorship. in particular i want to thank supervisor mar for his early leadership on the issue. when the program was first put for thed and stalled in 2010 and with ground work with stakeholders from all of the communities and last tuesday the mayor and i announced to kick start greenfinancesf and continue san francisco's tradition of combating climate change, push out city down the path of reducing greenhouse gas emission goals and put san franciscans to in the neighborhoods and finance projects in their home. this
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program for residential properties of our units or less is referred to as pace so financing structure that will enable san francisco at no cost to the city to fund energy efficiency and upgrades for property owners and this will overcome market bear barriers and -- over the life of the improvement. this special form of financing allows property owners to do the upgrade through text assessments each each with favorable terms and competitive interest rates. the capital will be provided by private entities and no financial risk or exposure to san francisco. everyday we witness the birth of innovation and models with the clean economy and the -- excuse me, with the green collar jobs that come with that. we know that the green energy economy
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can have a market transformation as the it1 we are experiencing here in san francisco but in order to do that we as a city must provide strong demand for energy efficiency and renewable products. that catalyst is greenfinancesf. we have seen other parts of the state of california that have adopted residential programs to great effect recently most notably sonoma and others. and we now know the stories of individuals that have chosen to participate in these respected pace programs and seen the successes that they have encountered. we know these upgrades can save money not only on repair costs and energy services and also monthly energy bills to the tunes of thousands of dollars saved per household. from the beginning we wanted to insure this policy and finance tool have a strong work force component tied to it that put
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residents to work in this thrg. we can be partners in the labor to begin the discussion of what the work force would look like and training for these jobs in san francisco is key to getting jobs and keeping them employed today and key to find meaningful careers and help them stay in san francisco for years to come. we know the potential a clean energy economy has in store and we want the local workers to take part in that industry and provide the opportunities for upward mobility. we're going to continue working with the partners to have a work force agreement ensure that local residents are working with contractors on projects and keep money flowing inside of san francisco and boost our local economy so that members of the various community groups and labor organizations that stood with us last week can be
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trained for the jobs in the 21st century and despite the agency's concerns over this project and program which ultimately stymied the program years ago we are confident the program can move forward now and be successful. again we have seen other programs in california move forward with success and because of their concerns we're doing all that we can to protect property owners and give them the security they need to papt in greenfinancesf. our governor jerry brown funded a program to address their concerns and freddie mac and fannie mae will not be impacted by this. san francisco will be participating in the reserve fund so we're protect. and greenfinancesf will cement our role as a national leader in
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climate change and make it easy for property owners to make these changes and create jobs on local projects. we have more work to do with this program to make it successful and make sure everyone joins together to restart greenfinancesf. i have a number of people i want to thank and mayor lee, the department of finance, the commission on the environment and my staff and jess for his efforts on this project and we have a few speakers today so i will ask them to come up. i believe rich chin is here who is a program manager for greenfinancesf and within the department of the environment. >> chair farrell can i make a couple of comments? >> absolutely. >>i want to thank all of you supervisor farrell and bringing this newly fine tuned program
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forward. i did want to say after our pace program was knocked out a few years ago we were looking at sonoma county and i was talking to shirlee zane one of the supervisors there and i see that this as a potential catalyst that other cities will look at this model. i know sonoma is putting significant resources in as a government entity and my hope is that the private model that the supervisor mentioned is another one we use on the local level to move this forward. i wanted to say i am still strongly supportive of of the programs and cleanpowersf and
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others in the city but this is a really great program and i applaud the city, and the department of the environment and the mayor's office and supervisor farrell for bringing this forward but i can work with other alleys on cleanpowersf and other projects in the city as well so thank you for bringing this forward chair farrell. >> thank you. richard. >> good morning supervisors chair ferel supervisor mar. good to see you again. i am rich chin with the department of the environment and manage the greenfinancesf program. i have been here in the past and wanted to speak on behalf of the program on this exciting next phase for the program. i think chair farrell's comments covered the gist of how we got to where we are now pretty well so i will skip over the things i was going to say. quickly just how the pace program is envisioned to work is interested property owners work directly with private contractors and apply
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for financing. the program reviews the application and either approves or denies on specific under writing criteria and usually property criteria and mortgage and tax payment history, the equity and property value. if the funds are dispersed for the work and the current property owner pays installment on the regular property tax bill. to be successful the program must be easy to understand for the consumer. and so we're lucky that we're in this situation now after hitting a roadblock a few years ago with the agency. the governor put funds aside to mitigate any risk to fannie and freddie so we're comfortable moving ahead with this program and buildings are responsible for 56% of the greenhouse gas emissions and residential is one fiveth of that total and this
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program will allow a affordable way to reduce energy consumption and the city gets back a powerful tool to meet the sustainability goals and with other programs and sf energy watch and upgrade programs we intend to leverage as much -- which we intend to leverage as much as possible in this program. restarting pace will help us increase the amount of efficiency under the grid and create local jobs and economic investment that can't be out sourced and we are excited to work with everyone to bring this program back to the market. thank you very much and i am happy to take any additional questions. thank you. >> thank you mr. chin. much appreciated it and for all of your continued hard work on this. if no other questions at this point let's call up josh
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harsy and commission of the environment here in san francisco. >> thanks supervisor farrell, supervisor mar. i am really excited from the moment that supervisor farrell made the call and said i am thinking to restart greenfinancesf, and then got the call from roger, the mayor's office, that said we're going to work with supervisor farrell to do this and i remember sitting down with supervisor farrell and talking about the work that supervisor mar had done to get the program before the feds stepped in and said no, and one of the things if i can speak to the work force development piece that i think one of the highlight briefly i remember sitting with supervisor farrell saying i want to do this. i want to put local folks on the projects, get local contractors. i really want to do this. where do we start? and i remember we pulled out thes are liewgz before. this is where we got before and we
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can move forward and supervisor farrell says let's do it and get community folks and there say sense of excitement that will this take off. there is a lot of work to be done and as far as work force we are crafting an approach to qualify the contractors which is critical because we're doing it early at the beginning. qualifying contractors -- not just on the ability to disifer deliver for san franciscans and i know it's something we tried for years with go solar sf and never got there as a solution and using state certified apprenticeship programs and is the conversation right now and how we do that and that is good because some
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contractors might not doing finance projects all the time. they might be doing other work and other aspects of construction and not always engaging the local work force that is built into the values of this program with the relaunch of greenfinancesf and supervisor farrell and the mayor have indicated where they want to go with this but it means when you do this work and you participate with the program, with pace, with greenfinancesf you can make the call to an apprenticeship program, i need one" and they send someone out and builds in a community partnership that i think can be groundbreaking and both programs year and beyond so we're excited about t i hope i hit the right pointings and i want to thank you supervisor farrell, mayor lee and supervisor kim and supervisor mar for starting this years ago and a chance to go back into
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residential because you have unlocked the puzzle supervisor farrell and just want to thank my colleagues at the commission. i know he spent time and he is excited too. i saw him last night and said "i wish i could be there. please thank supervisor farrell." that's it. >> thank you commissioner and and thank him for his support. i want to thank commissioner arsay and pat mulligan from the labor perspective and had huge input to what we're doing and not only mayor lee and roger kim who has done amazing work on this and last call up jean cutter who is one of the local contractors here in san francisco. >> good morning supervisors. i am jeanine cotter and i cofounded in 2004 in the sunset
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district since 2004 we have been designing and installing solar electric and solar hot water systems in the san francisco bay area and we have installed more systems in san francisco than any other company. we are based in san francisco. i live in san francisco and we hire san franciscans and we benefited from go solar sf. that has been an amazing program but one thing that program doesn't aggress is the issue of energy efficiency, water conservation, transportation, the off loading of natural gas as a fossil fuel that we use to heat our homes and it also doesn't address how to pay for solar electric systems and solar water systems over the life of those systems
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and that's an impediment and right now the vehicle for that is third party ownership and investors group and wallstreet owns the systems on people's homes and only addresses the solar electric system and not how we reduce the natural gas usage, how we reduce hour water usage and how we decarbonize our transportation and those three issues are actually major issues with respect to climate change and how we respond to that, so we have a huge opportunity to respond to climate change and by engaging a local work force to do that work and skill people up. we have many old buildings in san francisco. many old buildings that would benefit from the upgrade of those buildings to be more efficient so people can spend their money other than on
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their utility bills. right now the barrier to that is being able to pay for that. paying for that over the lifetime of the system so that you can pay it with the savings that you have for those systems is just a very elegant response, and the right response. the other thing is that we also have a lot of young men and women in particular that reentering the work force and there is not enough jobs for those individuals. go solar sf is a wonderful program. it's provided many opportunities for entrance into the work force and skilling people up, so that they can work in the clean energy field or in other fields because they have gotten the skills that are necessary in terms of hard and soft skills in terms of working so this is a really great opportunity for san francisco to be a leader and

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